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WeDo Photo is well known for regularly attending Burlesque performances and other Alternative events. My passion for this unique and artistic genre is evident in my captivating photos. Whether it's the alluring costumes and seductive performances of Burlesque or the unconventional and edgy styles of Alternative Fashion, WeDo Photo captures the essence of these events through the lens. On this page, you will find links to galleries showcasing my most recent works, giving you a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse world of Burlesque Dance and Alternative Fashion. Through photography, WeDo Photo brings these events to life, allowing viewers to truly immerse themselves in the captivating atmosphere and boundless creativity that these gatherings embody.

Bridgewater Joy Residence

Co-designed by the world-renowned architect James Smith, our Bridgewater Joy residences offer top views of the nearby lake Michigan. Perfect for a small family, a professional couple, or anyone looking to set up a home office.

April O' Peel Productions
Produced by: April O' Peel
Hosted By: Dandy
Venue: Rio Theatre

Tit's The Season
Produced by: Ariel Helvtetica - Helvetica Productions
Hosted By: Miss Kiss
Venue: Rio Theatre

Pleasantview Gem Inn

Not just pleasant on the outside, our Pleasantview Gem Inn properties are especially popular among families. With underground parking and floor-to-ceiling windows, there's no shortage of natural light or space.

worm's-eye view photography of concrete building
worm's-eye view photography of concrete building